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Application of CHZIRI VFD in Textile (Spinning Machine)

When used on spinning machines, CHZIRI VFD have the major advantage of enabling the continuously variable transmission based on the variation laws of the yarn tension of yarns in different sizes. The significance is to keep the tension at each stage as stable as possible. In this way, the spinning condition is optimized, which plays a positive role in reducing breakage and hairiness, achieving high yield, lowering energy consumption and relieving workers' labor intensity.

The application of CHZIRI VFD  has significant impact on the spinning yield. By greatly improving the speed of spinning medium yarn, with breakage basically unchanged, the yield will be much more. Also, because of the continuously variable transmission, there is no need to change the belt pulley. You can freely change the speed at any time, thus increasing productivity.

1. Higher Yield

When installed ZVF300 series VFD. the spinning machine will be slowed down by 5% to 8% when spinning small and large yarns (the purpose is to reduce the breakage rate). While spinning medium yarns, the speed will be increased by 5% to 15% according to the condition. Since the length of medium yarn accounts for 80% of the entire length, the spinning will be accelerated by nearly 10%. The mechanism significantly increases the effective operating time of the spindle. In this way, the production efficiency is improved, and the output will increase by nearly 10%.

2. Material Saving and Energy Saving

The CHZIRI VFD  gives full play to the reactive power of the main motor and makes the best use of power factor, so as to achieve the energy conservation. The active power of a spinning machine without frequency inverter is generally between 7.1 and 8.5. In comparison, a spinning machine with frequency inverter may have an active power above 9.9. Reducing the reactive current means to reduce line losses and save energy. Less power is required by the equipment to produce the same yield.

3. Life of Machines Get Extended

Thanks to the soft start and soft stop functions of the VFD, the impact of current on the grid at motor startup will be cushioned. The mechanical inertial wear is also reduced to greatly extend the life of motor and bearings.

4. Lighter Maintenance Workload

The VFD is capable of online monitoring of current, voltage, and motor speed, and sending feedbacks about time, failure, etc. In addition, it has automatic constant voltage control and speed tracking start control functions to protect the motor, reducing the maintenance workload.

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